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The tank top that my boyfriend was wearing at the concert at the Hard Rock Cafè is one that I did for him for his Birthday last year. A lot people have complimented him on it so I thought I'd make a little Do It Yourself post. A cool and personalised piece that anyone can manage to make with just a bit of patience and creativity. Not to mention that the deep cut tank tops can look just as great on girls as on guys - I think they're really awesome. 

The first thing I did was to make the photo collage. I'd already decided on the kind of style I wanted for the t-shirt, and carefully picked out the photos from my own albums that I though were cool and associated with good times.Then I edited all the photos in the style I whised to achive before I put them into a collage. I normally use Picasa 3 for basic editing and making collages. You can dowload Picasa for free if you search for it on Google. It's easy to use and has loads of functions that you can play around with. Furthermore, it automatcally syncronises itself with your picture library on your computer every time you open it, so you don't have to import your photos manually. Really recommend to try it out if you haven't already. 
After I had made the collage with all the photos in black and white I added an effect that gave it more of a blue and yellow tint (See the photos further down).

After I was done with the collage I got a dark grey basic t-shirt from H&M. Think about what colours your print is when you decide on a t-shirt, there are many colours and shades to choose from. In fact, I got a black one as well so that I could see which one would look better with the collage when I would have the actual print. 

Before you get the print done make sure to measure how big you want it to be. And if you're planning on making a deep cut tank top like the one I made, make sure you don't let the print go too far out on the sides. My print was 22x36cm. 
I got the collage printed in a store in Norway. It was one of those that you iron on yourself. I know that you find places that will print your photo directly on the t-shirt, but then the white areas will often stay transparent, which will be a problem if the shirt you've chosen is any other colour than white. 

To iron on the print I placed it where I wanted it to be, keeping in mind where I wanted the neck cut to be. I used a glossy transparent paper (baking paper will also do) on top of the print and put the iron on full heat. Then I carefully ironed a bit of the print at a time, and made sure to do a bit extra at the edges. Make sure you don't leave the iron in the same place for too long, and don't put too much pressure on it. It better to be a bit to carefull to start off with than to ruin the print. Check that the print sticks propperly, and then leave it to cool down. 

When the print was done I went on to the last stage: Cutting the t-shirt into a deep cut tank top. The best way to do this is to make someone wear it as you mark up where to cut it. I always cut one arm first, and then fold it to mark the other arm. That way the sides will be as similar as possible. For the deep cut, let the holes for the arms go at least half way down the top. But it's a good idea to cut a bit above where you think you want it first, try it on, and then cut some more if it's needed. I also gave the neck a deeper cut, both at the front and a little bit at the back. Remember that if you cut it deeper on the back the tank top will normally start to slide forward. So - unless you want the top to hang more in the front - be a bit carefull with cutting the back of the neck.

And here is the result:


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    The talented and very nice photographer who shot me about a month ago, Johann Frick (JF Photography), has put up a couple more preview photos from the London themed photoshoot. Each one I get to see makes me more and more excited for the rest! 


    Photos / Johann Frick


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    Marcelo on stage at the Hard Rock Café

    Yesterday night was so freaking awesome I can't even begin to describe it, and I wasn't even on stage myself. It was my boyfriend's band, Crystal X, that played a live concert at the Hard Rock Cafè here in London after getting first place in the voting of Hard Rock Rising. This was the semi final and they were competing against two other bands to get to the final of the competition. 

    Their performance was amazing, so energetic and they put on such a show! Gives me goose bumps just thinking about it. I went there a couple of hours before the show started to help the singer out with her make-up and to get ready to film them on stage, and by the time it started to get close to them going on even I felt the nerves and excitement pushing through. We were lots of friends gathered to watch them, cheered and have fun. So impressed with the band, the singer, Xio, did an incredible performance. Her voice is so beautiful and strong, and with the tunes they played they got the whole crowd to jump, especially me. 

    Although they didn't get to the final (with only three points out of 300 dividing them from the winning band) they had already won. Just seeing them on stage like that, all that energy, enjoying themselves so much and giving everything they had, was amazing. An incredible experience for them and a hell of a night for all of us. 

    You should definitely check Crystal X out, their song are really cool and they are working on professional studio recordings on more of their newest compositions. 

    Dacota, Rashida, me and Alison enjoying ourselves at the concert

    The band backstage before the concert


    The whole bunch!

    Crystal X

    Me and the boyfriend, so proud of him!

    I filmed their whole preformance and I'll post the videos here when the band upload them. One is already up, you can check it out by clicking here. 



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    As I wrote in the previous post I went to a short film premiere yesterday, a fashion film by Rebeca Riofrio, to report and interview the guests. It was a night filled with people from all over the world, long gowns and good looking guys in suits, champagne and fun. I was very lucky and got to wear this beautiful black velour dress by one of the designers, Jo Black Craze, who is a friend of Rebeca and also attended the premier.

    I met some other nice people who were doing some reporting as well, and Marcelo and Alex came along to enjoy the night with me as well. Unfortunately we had to leave the party at around midnight, but I still had had plenty of time to enjoy myself already. 

    Didn't get to take that many pictures as it was quite busy, but these will have to do for now. obviously couldn't bring my DSLR either, so the photo quality isn't the best. There were photographers there so once I find any of the photos they took I'll see if I can post them on here. 

    Marcelo and me

    With Alex

    With the gorgeous Rebeca, director of the film.

    And a photo for you to see the dress properly. Wish I could have kept it!

    If you want to see the trailer for the short film you can click here. 
    Hope you all have had a great weekend, enjoy the Sunday!


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    Just getting ready for my first time reporting to camera at an event! Super excited and mega nervous. Rebeca Riofrio (check out her YouTube channel here) has created a fashion film that is premiering tonight in Piccadilly and apparently I will be reporting from the red carpet. I have no idea what to expect tonight and the butterflies in my belly are going crazy, but it is for sure going to be fun! 

    Wish me good luck peeps!


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    About time I post a little about my week in Rio while the carnival there was on! I've been so busy since I got home, this term's hand in last week and a big presentation that I'm preparing for next week, that I simply haven't had time to check up on the blog. Anyway, better later than never, so here comes the first update from my absolutely amazing week, with everything from street parties to a visit to the rain forest.  

    I arrived early Sunday morning on the day of the Carnival parade after one day and one night of traveling. Luckily I got to sleep on the planes and I was very pumped to be in Rio and for the parade (yes, we were gong to be part of the big one) later on so I didn't feel much of the tiredness. First thing after I had dump off my stuff at the house we all went down to the beach together. Marcelo's family in Rio lives in Copacabana only a few minutes walk away from the beach, a great place to stay.

    We chilled there for a few hours before we headed back home and got ready for the parade. Our costumes were amazing. HUGE and extremely detailed. The samba school that we were going to be in the parade with, Unidos da Tijuca, were doing a German theme with everything from Gods from the old mythology to beer drinkers. We were in the "October fest" part of the parade, and had hats, colourful costumes and some huge feather decorations resting on our shoulders. The most extravagant thing I've ever been part of! The parade was incredible. We were walking though the big stadium with thousands and thousands of people while singing and dancing and having the time of my life! The drums were playing samba and everyone were so ecstatic and the huge crowd watching was cheering. An experience that just can't be put into words.

    First things first: Fresh coconut water at the beach was needed after a long flight from wintery London. 


    Getting dressed for the parade

    Marcelo and I ready to go

    Haha! Although this is a cute photo it does make me laugh of how we're stretching towards each other with our huge shoulder decorations on. Dancing with those... I'll tell you we were tired afterwards! 


    Marcelo's mum has some more photos from the actual parade that I'll post later when I get them from her. And I'll post about the other exciting days we had as well, about the street parties, visiting the rain forest and everything else.  


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    After one day and one night of traveling I finally arrived in Rio de Janeiro this morning to celebrate the big and bespoken Carnival! Not only am I gonna celebrate, I am also gonna be IN the parade, with huge, fun costumes. Never in my life did I think I was gonna get to experience something like this, and I honestly have no idea what to expect. 
    I landed in Miami last night as my flight to New York got canceled due to the snow storm. But hey, Miami for a few hours? I'm not complaining! 

    Anyway, I am super pumped for the parade tonight. Can hardly feel the lack of quality sleep I've had, just lots of butterflies! We had time for a little trip down to the beach in the morning before we went back to have lunch and start preparing ourselves for the parade, and in about two hours we're heading off! Whoho!

    I will not be blogging during the week I'm here as there will be so many other things going on, but follow my updates on Instagram! I will try to keep them as frequently as possible!  

    My Instagram username is vilderandgaard (click to go to my profile)



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    So, as you know, Sunday I was at a shoot with the German photographer Johann Flick. He was here for the weekend and wished to do a London themed shoot with some of the well known attractions. It was a very exciting morning photographing around in Westminster, and he has already uploaded one of the photos from the shoot on his Facebook page which you can check out here:

    The rest of the photos will probably be up in a couple of weeks time, very exciting indeed. I must admit I was a little nervous on how they were gonna show out to be. The wind made it a little challenging at times with hair all over my face, but then again it's all about using it for one's advantage. However, I think it looks like a good start, I'm quite happy with this first one. 

    Photo by Johann Frick/JF Photography


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    Finally having a rest after a long, but great, day. We don't have internet at our house at the moment, so I have to blog from my phone which limits me a bit on photos etc. Anyway, started this morning with a photo shoot in Westminster. A friend of a friend contacted me at the end of last year and told me he was a photographer who wished to do some shoots on his trip to London at the beginning of this year. He was looking for a model and my friend had me mentioned me to him, what a compliment! So today was finally the day of the shoot, and we spent the morning hours working in the sunny yet windy and very cold weather. You can imagine I was freezing after wearing only a pair of shorts and a top for most of the shooting. But it really was great fun and I am excited to see the photos. Since then I've been out all day. Had a meeting with a director who I am gonna get to work with a little, and at last I did some shooting myself, for my creative video I'm making this term.

    Now it's really time for a rest here on the sofa. I will put out some more pictures and a little sneak peak from the shoot and everything else when the Internet connection is back!

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    Very little blogging lately. What a busy few weeks it has been already! This term is definitely the most intense so far, and time is flying! Soon I'm going to Rio (my body is bubbling with excitement), and before that there is so much I need to do. 

    The stuff we're doing this term is very exciting despite the load of work. We're actually working for a client this time and it feels much more serious than anything else we've done so far. We've been lucky enough to get to work with P&G. Many of you might not have heard about them but you have most likely heard of many of the brands they do, everything from Pringles to Head & Shoulders. And not to mention the perfumes! They are the noses behind the perfumes from brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and also the recent 007 fragrance. That is where we come in, to find new inspiration and upcoming trends that they can use for new perfumes. At the end of the term we'll be handing over a little film, a website and a booklet. In addition each one  of us are doing two filmed interviews and a 1 minute creative video, and in the end we'll have a group presentation in (apparently) an amazing location with people from all over the world in the audience. Nerve-racking and exciting! Since this is work we're doing for a client I won't be uploading any of the videos we make this term, but hopefully I'll have time to work on some other little videos that I can post.

    So that's the outlooks of my term, a lot of stuff to do in only ten weeks, and with only 6 left now, but I'm really looking forward to the presentation day and to see what all the groups have managed to come up with. I'm gonna try and keep the blogging going as well! Sorry for the rare updates lately. 

    Gonna go back to my scriptwriting now, comfortably dressed in my robe and with a cup of tasty tea. 



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    To follow me, search for: vilderandgaard

    Time for an instagram update again! Here are some of the photos I've posted the last month that has passed by. Some from Norway, some from England and even a few surf photos from Portugal (check out my little video from my first time surfing by scrolling down a few posts!). 

    If you have instagram I'd love to check it out! I am always looking for new inspiraton, so it would make me very happy if you left a comment with your insta username. 



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    Three weeks in Norway are over already and I'm going back to London for another exciting semester. This Christmas break has been filled with snow, great times with family and friends, good days at work, a lot of amazing food and even more joy. So, in other words, it has been an awesome three weeks back in Winter Wonderland. Tomorrow I'm back at Uni already! It will be nice to see my course mates and start our next project, more video making for me this term as well! 

    Hope you'll be staying tuned for my updates throughout the semester, and I'd love to hear from you lovely readers!


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    Just booked my tickets for Rio de Janeiro in February, when the big and famous Carnival is gonna take place. Since I went to Rio for two days (!) last summer I've been wanting to go back so bad.  Jesus, I'm so excited now. I have been talking to Marcelo and his family about coming with them for a while now. In the beginning I didn't really think it was actually gonna happen, but the more we walked about it the more I realised I had to do this and so I started hunting for affordable tickets. It is in the middle of my term at Uni and I can't be away for more than a week, so I didn't want to pay a fortune for the tickets. This morning I went browsing again and found tickets on the perfect dates from American Airlines that cost around 550 pounds. Each trip takes a day and I'll be changing flights in New York. When I get there I'll be staying with Marcelo and his family and some of our friends there. 
    Now I just need to practice my samba a little more and start learning some more Portuguese!

    Here are some photos from my trip to Rio last summer: 

    Me, my boyfriend, Xavier and Lucas. Really looking forward to see these Brazilian friends again. 

    Me and Marcelo 

    Windy at the top of the Sugarloaf


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    I've been quite eager on making videos this Christmas break, and one that I had been wanting to make for a long time was a surf video from the summer. When I was in Portugal for a month last summer I finally got to go surfing for the first time. Portugal is great for water sports and Marcelo and Alex took me surfing on my Birthday. Such a fun and awesome way of celebration my 21st! Thanks a lot guys! Before the summer I'd bought myself a GoPro HERO 2 camera which I took with me to do some cool filming, and here are the results:

    The tune I've used is called Animus Vox by The Glitch Mob


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    Love the open back on this dress. It's such a simple and classic dress, yet so nice. So this is the one I decided to wear yesterday for the last night of 2012, which was celebrated together with friends. I bought the dress about half a year ago from either ASOS or, can't remember which one it was. I also tried out the eyeliner look yesterday, which is something I haven't done in years! 

    Hope you all had an amazing New Years Eve! What did you wear for it?


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    So here it is, peps. My short documentary, or investigative piece if you want, that I made during this term at uni. It has been on Youtube for a short while already, but as you know I've been a bit lazy with the blogging since I got to Norway (I'm on holiday, after all). Anyway, I really hope many of you will enjoy this video, which looks at why plastic surgery has become so hugely common and important in the Brazilian society, and raises questions around an unnatural beauty ideal. Personally I think this topic is very important in today's society, and it was so interesting working on this piece. 

    So, how did I work to get this video made? This was an individual project were we all were assigned to produce a four minute investigative piece each, plus a 45 second trailer. First I had to find a case. It was a very open assignment and we could choose pretty much any subject within lifestyle, fashion or beauty - as long as we could make a newsy, interesting and investigative piece out of it with new facts and unique interviews. We needed something that would surprise the viewers, tell them something they didn't know already, shock them. I tell you, just finding that case was already a challenge. Then we had to narrow it down, find a focus point, make it sharp and concise. I (and I suspect many others) started with one focus point and as I went along with my research I found out some new interesting things and ended up changing the focus point a little. Often that can end up making it even better, and I personally think that was the case with my video. 

    I went through many different stages during the making of this. First thing after I'd found my subject was to do some secondary research on the web, and then try to get in touch with people to interview. That last one is often hard, as you need to find someone who not only can talk about the subject, but also feels comfortable being filmed while doing so. I went around London and hunted down some Brazilian clubs and societies, both to just talk to people about plastic surgery to get a general feeling of what it is really like in Brazil, and to look for my interviewees. This is how - through a DJ who I got in touch with through a waitress - I in the end found the dancer, Samara, who was willing to let me film her in her amazing carnival style costume.

    Eventually I got in touch with a Brazilian girl who I had met once before, Flávia, and she and her friend were happy to be part of my investigative piece. I met up with Flàvia first just to chat about the topic and get to know her views on the case. I used this to write my first script which helped me to plan the filmed interviews. 

    Getting a plastic surgeon who would let me interview him was another challenge. I couldn't even keep count of how many clinics I was contacting. They would either give me a "no" straight away, or tell me to email them and they would email me back. That obviously never happened. Then I called up the London Bridge Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Clinic, where I told them I was a journalism student making a short investigative piece on plastic surgery, kindly asking if plastic surgeon Mr. Christopher Inglefield would be able to do a filmed interview with me. They put me over to their PR assistant, who was very kind and helping. Not long after I got an e-mail with a scheduled time for the interview. God, I was relieved, and I must admit... pretty proud too. 

    I finished my first version of the script and planned how I was going to film it all. I decided that I wanted all my interviews to be filmed from three angles. One master shot (with both me and the interviewee included in the frame), one of the interviewee and one of me. This might not seem very complicated, you just put up the three cameras and press play, but when you're doing all the work behind the camera and you're gonne be in front of the camera too, then... yeah. Not to mention making sure the microphones were in the right place and, most importantly, the recorder was recording. However, it was very, very exciting and great fun! 

    The footage from Rio de Janeiro were clips that I and Marcelo's dad filmed during my little trip to Brazil last summer. 

    After I was done with all my interviews and I had the information I needed, plus a bit more, I had to write a new script and make some changes. 

    I was planning on doing my own voiceover first, but as I did some of them I realized my voice wasn't very powerful. Therefore it was a great plus to have a boyfriend who both acts and sings and definitely has a voice much more fit for these sorts of things. 

    And so I was ready to do the editing and make it all into one video with a good flow and packed with information without going over four minutes (the one I have posted has already got some small additions to the one I handed in, like credits, which makes it a bit longer).  Editing, editing, editing. Change this, change that, redo this, redo that. My friends probably got quite tired of watching it over and over again as I used them for feedback when I found something hard to judge myself. In the end I felt happy about what I had put into my four minutes, and exported it. And wow, how good that felt! 

    I have no idea what grade I have archived yet, as we haven't gotten any results yet. And no, I am not planning on reveling my grade on here, that's something I'd like to keep for myself, whether it goes well or not. 

    On set with Fernanda and Flávia

    In the studio doing voiceovers with Marcelo

    At the moment I'm working on a longer version of this which will include more of the shocking facts and intriguing stories from the interviews, and hopefully this will be ready to go online before my Christmas Holidays are over.

    I'd love to hear some feedback from you on my work, good or bad, so if you feel like saying something please leave me a comment. That will be highly appreciated. 



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    Haha, I have to laugh at myself sometimes. Although Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are already over, I still think it's appropriate with a festive greeting. 

    I had to edit this in iMovie, as Final Cut has decided to not work, thanks for that Christmas Present dear FCP. I haven't used iMovie properly before, and not at all since I got the new Mac, so I have to say I found it rather challenging. Going from FCP with so many options for editing to this was actually (ironically enough) quite confusing, and not to mention limiting. Anyway, managed to put this together in the end! 

    Hope you've all had a great Christmas so far and enjoyed the holidays with your loved ones. Here is a little greeting from me, and I wish you all a great time for the rest of the Christmas. 

     (Very happy with the preview pictures YouTube chose for me... eh. Yes, this was the best one)


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    If you're in London, Brick Lane is the place to be if you're interested in street art or vintage fashion. The paintings, stencils and carvings and other pieces of art in vibrant area change all the time, so there is always something new to see here. You will find everything from beautiful abstract pieces to political messages. These photos are from when I was last during the last week before I came back to Norway.
    Tip: Keep an eye up for little streets and passages while you walk trough Brick Lane, as some of the street art isn't always as easy to see if you only walk on the main road. Look around. 

    Been to Brick Lane? What do you think of street art?


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    Yeah... I couldn't be bothered with getting rid of the socket, lazy me. 

    Yesterday I wore a top/vest that i bought while I was still in England in a military pattern and with golden studs. I like that it has the buttons so that it can be worn both open and closed. However, I think I will be wearing this mostly open. 

    The top, jacket, bag and hat are from H&M, trousers from Cubus, Converse and the belt was bought in Lisbon but I can't remember the name of the store. 


    Do you like army patterned clothing?



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    Haven't ben blogging in a little while now. I decided when I got to Norway on Tuesday to have a little break for a few days and enjoy my holiday. Don't get me wrong, I really like blogging, it's just nice to leave it for a bit every now and then. These days I've been spending together with friends and family, and I've been working at H&M. Oh, and of course my cat, who is sleeping in bed with me every night. She loves me. It's so nice being back! Norway is all snowy, all my friends are getting back to town now and it has been very nice to see all my colleagues again. 

    Today I have a full day. First I'm going downtown for a little while, then we're gonne decorate the Christmas tree at home and tonight I'm having a few friends over for a cosy night in.


    What plans have you got now before Christmas? And where are you going to be during the holidays?

    Hope you're all enjoying your holidays! Oh, and how cool that the earth and we are still here. 


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    Marcelo told me a few weeks back to keep yesterday free from plans as he had a surprise for me. For the whole day I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen. First we left Cambridge to go to London and drop off my stuff at home, and he told me to be ready for anything and to leave the house straight away. So we got on the tube, and I still had no clue about what our destination were or what the surprise was going to be. He was so good at keeping this one secret! And the little clues he gave me every now and then just made me more confused, like in my card where he'd written "Hint: we're going to Jingle Town!". As did the tube ride as he would suddenly grab my hand and run off the train at Liverpool Street to change tube. So exciting, a bit nervereching, and so much fun. 

    When we got to Hammersmith I had a feeling that we were going to watch some sort of performance at the Hammersmith Apollo, but it wasn't before I could see the venue and the big banner saying "Green Day's American Idiot" that I actually realised what we were going to watch. I was so happy and so excited straight away. What an awesome surprise! And what a great "warm up" before the Green Day concert we're going to in June. 

    The show was absolutely amazing and gave me goose bumps from top to toe at several occasions. So powerful, so breathtaking and so much energy! The actors were brilliant and I was so impressed by their voices, and the stage set and lighting was incredible. 

    Yesterday was the last night of the show, but if you ever have the chance to see the show anywhere else or if it comes back to London anytime soon I'd strongly recommend it. We saw all sorts of people enjoying the show, young and old, so I really think this is something that could fit a very diverse audience.  

    Anyway, so it was an amazing night. Big, big, big thank you, Marcelo, for giving me such an awesome experience and surprise!

    Marcelo and me right before the show started (Sorry for the bad quality photo, I only had my Iphone with me... and I don't really like to use flash on it, haha)



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    I got a bit of the Christmas shopping done this weekend. First time I've gone shopping in a while, and there is just so much nice and cool things around that it's hard not to get carried away.  One of the necessary stops, of course, was Victoria's Secret. I got some gifts from there and had to treat myself with a little something too, decided I deserved it after a term of hard work and all assignments handed in. I ended up with a cute pair of Christmasy cheeky knickers and a body lotion that just smells so good! I have bought some of these cheeky bottoms before, and I love them. They're perfect to use as night bottoms or to just wear at home. 

    Have you done some Christmas shopping yet?


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    This top is one of my favourites. I bought it from H&M almost a year ago and I really love it. The jacket and the bag are also from H&M, the trousers are from Cubus, teh belt I bought in Lisbon (sorry, can't remember what store), the shoes I got from my mum and the scarf (which I'm wearing as a headband) is from Primark.   


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    What a relief! Last big assignment of this term was finished and handed in today! That was the end of all the hard work this term, and I'm really feeling good. This has been a great start to the second year at uni, with interesting subjects, exciting projects and although it has been stressful and challenging it has been a lot of fun. 

    Tonight we're going out to celebrate! That will be the first time in a good while (in my case at least). First we will be going over to some neighbors' flat down the corridor, which should be nice, before we head out. I'm looking forward to this, should be a great night! 


    How is your school/uni work going?

    Have a really good Friday night, people! Ciao



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    Gorgeous Lisa Uhlén is a 23 year old Norwegian from the beautiful city of Ålesund. She's now living in Oslo, has an education as a music artist and is freelancing as a musician. I picked her as look of the week because I'm a big fan of this sort of effortless and cool style. Not to mention that her fire-red hair, attitude and piercings really adds personality to her style!
    Lisa is just like me when it comes to saving old clothes - you never know what might look cool again in a few years! It's a great way of creating your own style and wear things that not everyone else has anymore.

    "As a freelancer you don't really earn that much to begin with, so I don't really dare to go shopping. That's why I'm so happy I've kept some old treasures, and as long as the pieces say 'Rock'n'Roll" I'll be happy with them!" Says the girl behind the blog

    Lisa's shorts are form BikBok, the vest is from Carlings and the top is one of the treasures that she bought from H&M when she was 16! Who would have guessed, right? 

    Fancy becoming the next Look of the Week on LVD? Check out how here: Become Look of the Week

    What do you think of Lisa's style? 


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    Here is the trailer for my short documentary/investigative piece that I worked on this term! I called it Brazilian Dollar Body, and looks at why plastic surgery has become so hugely common and important in the Brazilian society, and raises questions around an unnatural beauty ideal. 

    Next weekend On the 16th of December (Had to change the date because of problems with the upload last weekend) I'll post the short documentary/investigative piece that I handed in as the main part of our assignment this term at Uni, and around Christmas I'll be releasing a longer version with more of the interesting interviews and footage I did during the production of this video. 

    I am already so pleased with the feedback I have gotten on this trailer, and it makes me very happy to know that it's making people want to see the rest. And I'm very excited to release the full version (so far!!).  

    All of the trailer and video is written, filmed and edited by myself. 

    If you have any feedback, I'd love to know what you have to say!


    • 27.11.2012kl.00:22
    • (4)

    My sleepyface this morning

    What a relief! Today, at nine o'clock in the morning, I handed in all the work for one of the units this term. An essay for Cultural and Historical Studies is still to be finished within two weeks, but everything for our Investigative Journalism unit is done. That includes a Media Law analysis, a TV review, a trailer, a production folder and not at least the 4 minute investigative video (Kind of a short documentary) I have been spending the last two months on making. And it has for sure been great! All of the production I have been doing by myself, with only some very valuable feedback from friends throughout the process. Except from the narrative. I wrote all of the voiceover but last Thursday I took Marcelo to one of the studios in my University for him to do the speaking! His voice is a lot more powerful than mine, and I think it was good for him too, to get to narrate a video like this! I am very happy with how my work turned out in the end, t was definitely hard to pick out what to use when you only have 4 minutes and so much good material, but I'm hoping that I have managed to present a good story with the time that we were given. 

    As soon as I have sent the trailer and the video to the ones participating in it (interviewees and so on) I will be posting them for you to have a look. I really see the case of the huge amount of plastic surgery in Brazil as something important to get people's attention to - that the reality in this country is something quite different from what most people would expect. Even for me, many of the discoveries that I did were very shocking. Some of it you will get so see in the 4 minute video, but I am also planning on making a longer version during Christmas, since I have so many interesting stories from the interviews and research. 

    This weekend has been quite intense, with very little sleep (especially last night... that's how it always gets the day before hand-in. Typically I sleep something between half an hour and three hours during these nights). Therefore I am now going to make myself some food and then go to bed early to relax my hard working brain and body. Tomorrow I'm planning on starting my research for the last, 3000 word, essay for this term. I'm going to investigate a very interesting topic for this too - super hero films before and after 9/11 - so it should be just fine!

    Happy girl after hand-in


    • 22.11.2012kl.19:17
    • (3)

    Here is a music video I've been spending some time on editing for Marcelo and his dad. The tune is MC RAS's (that's Marcelo's artist name) new song "Let Me Fly", and the footage is taken by his dad who is a pilot and has been filming the world from above. You'll see places like New York, Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon from the air, and some amazing sequences through the clouds, passing the sunset and from take-off and landings. I feel very privileged to have worked with such beautiful and exclusive footage, and editing to original music by Marcelo made it even more fun. 

    To check out more of Marcelo's music you can got o his website:
    Or his Facebook page:  MC RAS


    So here it goes, hope you guys will like the tune, the footage, and of course the editing:

    Let Me Fly - MC RAS



    • 21.11.2012kl.16:00
    • (15)

    Maria and Carmen, the ladies on the UK Feast It team


    Having a feast!

    Maria, Carmen and Marcelo

    Happy me 

    Blown away by the flash

    Saturday's photo shoot was such good fun. It was Carmen again who invited me and Marcelo to be part of it. The shoot was for a new phone app called Feast It, and as the name probably tells you it's all about food and drinks. The shoot was for their promotion and website, and was set to The Britannia bar next to Victoria Park. A typical English bar with that cozy, nice atmosphere - just right for the shoot! When me and Marcelo got there there were already alot of people who had gathered together, a nice mix of outgoing people who all seemed to get on very well! It was very nice to meet some new faces and socialise while being on set for a photo shoot. We all sat down with some food and drinks on the table to be photographed while chatting and eating. Very relaxed and cool, not at all hard to enjoy that shoot! Munchies, wine and beer, old and new friends, what more can you ask for? What a nice day that was!

    The Feast It application hasn't yet been launched, but form what I've been told it sounds like a genius and very useful idea that I am excited to try when it finally comes out! If you love food and drinks as much as I do I'm convinced you'll like this too. First it will be launched in the USA before it comes to the UK. Basically it will be a "service that creates a personalized marketing channel by matching customers to food & drink places through item-level recommendations. It is also a tool that quickly collects, summarizes and analyzes customer feedback providing market intelligence to the food & drink industry". Check out some more behind the scenes photos and find out more on their Facebook page:  

    Super excited to se how the photos turn out! I'll keep you posted.


    • 18.11.2012kl.15:18
    • (7)

    Tabea is the 22 year old blogger behind DolceWitaFashion, a great blog I'd recommend for you to have a look at. She's currently in London studying fashion, and I really love this outfit of hers. She really knows how to make a neutral, sweet look pop with the right, bright shoes, and I'm digging the photos as well. Looking through her blog you'll quickly see that she puts thoughts into the photos she takes, and I'd check out her Instagram too if I was you - there's a lot of cool stuff on there! (Find it on her blog). 

    What do you think? Liking Tabea's look?

    If you want to be picked out as Look of The Week, click here.



    • 16.11.2012kl.22:58
    • (7)

    A little sneak peak photo from Tuesday when we did the second part of the photo shoot that I have been styling for. I was only there for the last hour of this one, as I had Uni earlier that day, but I still got time to style up Carmen once. Tain was already done with the army themed shoots of Carmen and Tyler (the male model who was also on set on Tuesday), so he told me to do whatever I wanted for the last few shots, which of course I was very happy to do. We created a sort of gipsy look with a few scarves and some jewelry, and personally I think Carmen is absolutely stunning in this. There were a lot of very cool photos of Carmen together with Tyler as well, in this outfit and in the army ones. Very excited to see what the photos will look like when they come out! Meanwhile, some of the photos from the first shoot are already out on Facebook: Saguate Photography

    Tomorrow I'm in for another interesting photo shoot during the day (that is before I go to film the Brazilian samba dancer later on in the evening). This time a whole different, very relaxed thing in a bar here in London where me, Marcelo and Carmen are all gonna be in front of the camera. I've heard there is going to be a lot of interesting people there and I have a feeling it's gonna be a very nice atmosphere. Looking forward to that!

    Anyway, got to continue my work now. I'll try to keep you guys updated as much as I can. Have a really good Friday night!


    • 16.11.2012kl.13:06
    • (2)

    I've been so busy lately that I haven't had time to update about what's going on here. It's just a week and a bit left until our first hand in date, which means I'll need to have finished my investigative video, a review, an analysis about media law, a 45 second long trailer and a work folder. A LOT of work, but it's still great fun. 

    On Tuesday I didn't update anything about the second part of the location shoot I went to (last Friday I went to style Carmen for a shoot in Lee Valley Park, this was the second part where we also had the male model). Although I didn't get to be there for long because of a workshop at Uni I still really did enjoy myself. Maybe I can ask the photographer to let me post some of the photos on here for you all to see.

    Right now I'm working hard to finish my video, which is about plastic surgery in Brazil. It's a very interesting topic since Brazil surprisingly enough has the second most procedures of plastic surgery in the whole world, after the USA. Surgery is, amongst most of the Brazilians, seen as a very normal thing that a huge amount of people do. We've all had to do a video each (about different topics obviously, surgery in Brazil is just my one) which means a lot of individual work - something that can be both good and bad. I think it has been fun and very exciting to get to do everything by myself, but at the same time I have had to face a few problems like... who's gonna check that the cameras are still running when I'm gonna be on screen too? So it has been challenging but certainly great! I've done a lot of filming (A LOT of filming) all over London, for many different interviews and some other little things. Now I'm in the stage of editing, which is very time consuming but, God, it's exciting to see where I'm getting with all my material.

    Tomorrow I'm going to a Brazilian club to film a beautiful samba dancer in her amazing costume (seen the Rio Carnival costumes? Yeah, it's a lot like that). That should be really cool.

    I'll post the film on here for you to see when it's done in about a weeks time!

    Behind The Scenes during one of my shooting days for the plastic surgery short documentary/investigative video

    A photo from last year of me and Qin where we were filming for our fashion documentary in one of the main girls' house



    • 15.11.2012kl.20:29
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    A little hello from me in between all the work I'm so busy with. A few weeks ago when Marcelo and I were in Portobello a guy came over to us with a camera and asked if he could take a photo of us kissing. At first I didn't really know if he was serious, then he told me about his project and it sounded very sweet. He is going around the world to photograph 100 kisses in each city i visits. So far he has been to New York, Paris and then London where we were lucky enough to become part of his gallery. There are a lot of other photos, you guys can check them out on Facebook: 100 World Kisses or to see all the different albums by city: New York People

    The photo the photographer took of me and Marcelo in Portobello for  "100 World Kisses"


    • 12.11.2012kl.11:46
    • (6)

    With matching looks in charcoal colours these two looked very cool when I met them in Portobello. Loving the simple and effortless styles.

  • Behind The Scenes: Friday's Photoshoot

    • 11.11.2012kl.16:20
    • (12)

    Had a really awesome day on Friday styling at the photo shoot. At the few shoots I've been to so far I've normally been modelling, so it was really great to get to try out a different role. I was thrilled when Carmen asked me a couple of weeks ago if I wanted to style for a shoot where she was going to model, and didn't hessitate for a moment. I met up with Carmen, Tain (the photographer) and Monica (the make-up and hair artist) in Clapton and we all went to an absolutely amazing location in Lee Valley Park. Again, I really admire Tain's photographies (check them out by clicking here: Saguate London). He has been photographing a lot in Africa, many strong images and I must say he knows how to capture a moment and an environment. For the shoot he wanted a really cool sort of rebellious, yet feminie, army theme for Carmen. That meant super black eye make-up - which is so stunning on Carmen with her dead beautiful eyes - my Dr. Martens and a lot of black and kakhi green. We stayed for several hours and although it was cold I really did enjoy myself with the good company and the nice surroundings. The week coming we're doing another shoot, as the male model couldn't make it on Friday. So really looking forward to that!
    Anyway, enough writing, here are some of the photos from "behind the scenes":

    Carmen getting her make-up done

    Mixing and matching outfits

    The photographer, Carmen and the hair and make-up girl

    Windy England

    Watching while Carmen is being photographed by Tain

    Gorgeous Carmen with the black eye make-up

    The glamorous life of a model

    It's a wrap! Carmen and me happy after a good day. 



  • At The Shoot

    • 09.11.2012kl.16:19
    • (2)

    Right now we've just finished the makeup and first styling, and the photographer has started shooting Carmen, who looks absolutely stunning. Not to mention that this place is really beautiful too! It's quite cold out here, as expected, but I'm not gonna complain. Watching Carmen posing in just that dress makes me happy I'm all well clothed in my hoodie. More photos to come when I get the others uploaded from my DSLR.
  • Styling at Photoshoot Tomorrow

    • 08.11.2012kl.22:49
    • (9)

    Very excited for tomorrow. My beautiful model friend Carmen is doing a shoot for a photographer, Tain (his photographers are amazing, check them out here: Saugate London), and she asked me to help out with the styling of the outfits. I'm bringing some of my own clothes to mix up with the stuff that the others already have. First time I'm doing the styling at a shoot, always fun to try out new stuff! It's gonna be an outside shoot with several models and, from the mood board I've seen, a really cool theme (keeping that secret until tomorrow) - might get cold but for sure fun! 

    From a photoshoot where I was modelling for a make-up project last year.

  • What I Wore: Layers for the Cold Season

    • 06.11.2012kl.19:33
    • (13)

    This is what I was wearing on Saturday when we went to Portobello (check out the post by clicking here). I love layering up now when it's getting a bit colder. A cool way of facing the autumn and winter. Here I had put on a tight, sleeveless dress under an asymmetrical chiffon top, and then a knitted jumper on top of that - and of course my leather jacket as the final touch. This way I can wear my summery pieces and thin material and still stay warm. Pick out your best summer and winter pieces from the closet and try out some layering yourself!

    Hat, jacket, dress and bag from H&M // chiffon top from Primark // scarf from Cubus // bracelet from Accessories

    The shoes I got from my mum and the jumper I bought while I was on holiday in Lisbon. 

  • Instagram Updates

    • 06.11.2012kl.10:42
    • (0)

    Good Tuesday morning, people. Quite a lot of instagramming since last time I did one of these update on here, so it's about time I do a new one.
    To follow my Instagram: @vilderandgaard

  • One Week of Halloween and Fancy Costumes

    • 05.11.2012kl.02:12
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    Me and Karoline last night as lieutenants 

    Our army themed costumes

    The Top Gun boys

    Alex, Karoline, me and Marcelo

    Alex and Karoline, beautiful people

    Me and Kaorline on Wednestday

    Mood on top!

    With Alex, Karoline and Adrian before we went out on Wednesday

    This passed week has been so much fun! Last Saturday we started off by a pre-Halloween in Cambridge where me and Marcelo dressed up as Pirates that we made with some cheap on-sale trousers, come creativity and a little bit of DIY work. On Wednesday we went out here in London, me as a pirate again and Karoline as a cute cat. Then yesterday we (Marcelo, Karoline, Alex and I) decided to do something all together, and went for an awesome army themed look. We got some stuff - hats, face paint, a t-shirt for Karoline and a bullet chain for me - from the Army Classics store in Notting Hill, and the rest we found in our wardrobe. The boys dressed up as Top Gun air force pilots and looked very handsome. Me and Karoline went for a more soilder-ish style. We then went out to Underworld in Camden and jumped around all night. Good times. 


    What did you do for Halloween? Did you dress up as anything?

  • Sunny Saturday Out in London

    • 03.11.2012kl.23:22
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    Me and Alex in Portobello

    My beautiful Karoline

    Me and Marcelo

    Just got back home after a great day out in Portobello with Karoline, Alex and Marcelo. Such a nice and sunny day, although the air was quite cold. A good excuse to put on a knitted hat and big scarf. We watched Marcelo play his saxophone as usual, went through a few stores and had a look at the antiques in the stands. Later on we're going out again for a last Halloween night, all of us dressed in army themed clothing. I promise some photos!

  • Second Halloween This Year

    • 31.10.2012kl.12:36
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    So, it's Halloween tonight! The great thing about Halloween being in the middle of the week is that you get to celebrate and dress up the weekend before, on the actual day and the weekend after. Last Saturday we all went to Cambridge to party it up at Marcelo's Uni. Me and Marcelo got creative with some cheap trousers (mine became shorts, Marcelo's became baggy and tight at the bottom), some swords from the fancy dress store and a whole lot of stuff we found at home (scarves, belts, shirt etc. etc.) - and viola: Pirates! 
    We had a brilliant night, and today we're ready for more Halloween fun. Not to mention that Karoline has come all the way from Norway to make it even greater!
    I'm not quite sure what I'm going as for this "second" Halloween yet. Me and Karoline will be going out in town today to see what we can come up with. And if we feel lazy I might just borrow her my cat costume from previous years (this is the first time in as long as I remember that I'm not a cat for Halloween) and I will rock my pirate costume again. 

    What are you guys' plan for tonight? Are you dressing up as anything?? I'd love to hear about your awesome costumes!

  • Portrait Drawing: Marcelo

    • 26.10.2012kl.22:18
    • (2)

    I've always liked to draw, but unfortunately I can't find as much time for it anymore. So whenever I have my breaks from Uni I normally get out my pencils and sketchbook. This summer I did a Birthday present for my boyfriend - a portrait. Because, as I wrote on the back of the frame,'an awesome rocker and amazing actor like you needs  a portrait in any place he would define as "home" '. Now when he's got a new flat I though it was a good idea to make sure he would have one there. I really made me happy to see how much he seems to like it.
    This drawing I'm guessing took about five hours to finish, and it really was fun doing it.

    If you draw and have any page where you show them off I'd love to have a look! Please let me know by leaving a comment.

  • Caipirinha and Brazilian Cheese Breads

    • 19.10.2012kl.15:09
    • (1)

    Flávia and I

    Açai Caipirinha

    Amazingly delicious Brazilian cheese breads. Craving some more of these!


    Alex, Flávia and me

    Last night Flávia, Alex and I went out to Made in Brazil, a bar in Camden, to have some Brazilian food and drinks and enjoy the atmosphere. None of us had been there before, and were pleased when we found the yellow entrance with a big, green Christ the Redeemer on the wall. There was live music when we came in, a friendly and warm environment and a menu that offered all the best bites from Brazil. We ended up deciding on a selection of tapas including one of my favourites - mini cheese breads. First time I tried these was when Marcelo's dad made them in Portugal, and they are absolutely amazing. You should all give these a try once! 
    Of course none of us could leave without having a traditional Caipirinha! There were so many tasty flavours to choose from - passion fruit, mango, the classical lime - and I ended up trying one wit açai, which was very nice. We left happy and satisfied, and this is definitely a place I want to go back to. However, Saturday is time for Guanabara! That should be good fun. 

    Have a great Friday, lovely people! 


  • What I'm Wearing Today

    • 18.10.2012kl.19:58
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    Jacket and top from H&M, cardigan and studded denim shorts from TopShop, trousers from Cubus, the necklace I got from my mum, Dr. Martens boots and bag bought at the markets in Brick Lane. 

    So, today was a very interesting day at London College of Fashion. Thursdays I always have Moving Images (Cultural and Historical Studies) the whole day, where we learn about the history and culture of film - might sound lame, but they make it very good with discussions, film clips and a lot of interesting facts. Really enjoy these classes. 
    Later on tonight I am going to Made In Brazil, a bar in Camden, together with Flávia, a Brazilian friend of mine who is going to be part of my short documentary. Really looking forward to have some Brazilian food and a Caipirinha!

    Beijão (Big Kiss in Portuguese)

  • Sneak Peak #2: My New Bedroom

    • 15.10.2012kl.15:58
    • (1)

    Hope you've all had an amazing weekend and a great start to the week. Here are some more photos from my new bedroom. I will make a video soon to show you around in the new flat, and take some more photos. It's about time now! 

  • Street Style: Details Fit For Autumn

    • 14.10.2012kl.15:43
    • (3)

    From the top: Ylva, Sarah and Linda have all put thoughts into the details and colours in these autumnally outfits, proving that it needn't be difficult to look great although the time for shorts and sleeveless tops is over, and we have to layer up and guard ourselves against the cool breeze of this season. Adding a bit of burgundy red (one of my favourite colours at the moment) like Sarah, a cool belt and a head band like Ylva, or some biker gloves (really need some of those!) like Linda are all good ways of being stylish in the autumn! 

    Do you have any favourite accessories or colours for autumn? 

  • Down Town London

    • 13.10.2012kl.17:00
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    Going out in the nice (frequently shifting, but mostly nice) weather today. Second sunny Saturday in row now, London is just great these days! Gonna go to Portobello for a little bit to see what's going on there today, and tonight I might be going out to a nice club where Marcelo has played a few times before. He has been offered to play again tonight, and if he ends up going I will probably head down too. 

    Have a good Saturday, guys. You'll hear more from me later!

  • Instagram Updates

    • 12.10.2012kl.20:56
    • (3)

    These are some of my latest Instagram updates. 

    Don't forget to follow me: vilderandgaard  

    And I would be very happy to check out yours if you just leave your username in a comment to this post. 

  • October Outfit from Last Year

    • 12.10.2012kl.18:38
    • (12)

    While going through my photo library to tidy and clean up in the 25.000 photos I have (I'm dead serious) I found some photos of one of my looks from last year which I really like. This hat was my key accessory last winter, and those studded shorts are still one of my favorite pairs. Ah, and I really need to get some more stuff up on the walls in my new room like I had here in my old one.  
    The quality of these photos isn't supreme, as this was before I got my DSLR. Makes such a big difference.  

    The hat is from River Island, shirt from H&M and the studded hotpants are from TopShop.

    PS: Do you have any cool outfits you'd like to share with me? Don't forget that YOUR outfit can become "Look of the Week" here on London Vibe Diary. Check out "Become Look of the Week" up on the top menu.

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